Gosser Lager Beer Review

As I sit looking over my previous reviews, something begins to dawn on me. My reviews skew heavily towards the ale side of the beer family. I don’t have a great many lagers represented in my reviews. With that in mind, I went to my neighborhood beer store and eyed up their lagers. I decided to go for Gosser, an Austrian lager, thinking it would only be predictable to start diving right in to the German lagers.

Rendered hopeful by the label’s claims of being Austria’s finest beer I took my Gosser home and looked them up. Located in Leoben, Austria, Gosser is the main brand of Goss, one of Austria’s most well known breweries. Part of the Heineken group since 2003, the Goss brewery’s history dates over 1000 years.  In approximately 1000 AD Countess Adula donated farmland to a local convent, which came to be known as Goss.

Among other things, the nuns began brewing beer which, for centuries was well received by the locals. This continued until 1782 when the convent was abolished and the nuns moved to presumably greener pastures. In 1860 entrepreneur Max Kober purchased parts of the convent, including the brewery. Since then, the Goss brewery has been producing Gosser lager and other products even during the troubled times of two world wars. Today the Goss brewery is one of the most modern in the country and Gosser lager can be found in many major liquor stores outside of Europe.

Gosser is a very pale lager, barely the color of straw. Light carbonation supports a fluffy, bone white head. Retention is fairly decent, with the head being in no rush to go anywhere. Aroma is malt forward in its own way. Aroma starts off bready, bordering on grainy. Center is sweet smelling, sort of floral and honey-ish. Behind all that comes the faint aroma of hops. Hops give me notes of fresh cut grass and hay.

Gosser tastes very much like it smells. Gosser starts out malty, giving me fresh baked bread, with hints of graininess. Then it moves on to a nicely rounded center, again showing hints of honey. Finish is short and dry with just a hint of hop presence. Hops come out faintly in the finish in the same grassy hay-like quality as in the aroma.

Overall, Gosser’s not a bad start in my attempt to include more lagers in my reviews. It’s pleasant to the palate, center’s rounded and sweet. Finish is just short and dry enough to make you ready for the next sip. While I find Gosser a little linear and straightforward in certain respects, it‘s still above average. I’d recommend this to any lager-head who wants to drink something better than mainstream American lagers. I’d also recommend Gosser with poultry, white fleshed fish, and 3 year cheddar. As it is, I’m happy to give Gosser a 7.25 out of 10.

Do-it-yourself Poison Ivy Remedies

Do you know some poison ivy remedies? There are several poison ivy remedies that you can do at home. While the effectivity of these cures are not scientifically proven, they’re worth a try.  Below are poison ivy remedies you can try at home:

Apple Cider Vinegar – Other white vinegars may work also but apple cider vinegar is reported to work best.  Vinegar poison ivy remedies give instant relief from itch.  Just sprinkle it on the rash and it helps with the itch and promotes healing.

Oatmeal – Apply a layer of boiled, warm oatmeal on the rash.  Apply thick and let it harden.

Banana Peel – Rub the inside of a banana peel on the poison ivy rash.  This relieves the itching and cools the skin affected by the rash.

Baking Soda – This is another one of the home poison ivy remedies that seem to work wonders.  Just mix  3 teaspoons of baking soda to 1 teaspoon water.  Mix to form a thick paste and apply to the rash and let it dry.  You can also soak the affected area in a baking soda bath.

Dishwashing Liquid – This makes sense of all the home poison ivy remedies listed.  The anti-grease agents in the liquid washes off the urushoil oil from the plant that gets on the skin and causes the rashes and itching.

Effective poison ivy remedies

While the poison ivy remedies listed above are cheap and can be readily found at home, they are not scientifically proven and may not work in all cases.  If the above-mentioned suggestions fail, you can try the Most-Effective AllStop Poison Ivy treatment kit.  This treatment kit stops the itch and promotes healing of the poison ivy rash.  It is the most effective of the poison ivy remedies found on the market today. What is the best poison ivy remedies?

Choosing best poison ivy remedies is difficult!

I recommend you to use Complete Poison Ivy Treatment Kit. It is Antimicrobial – Antiseptic – Urishol Oil remover Your Complete Kit will wash away the Poison Ivy Urishol Oil off your skin and out of your pores quickly and easy, while the Poison Ivy Gel will stop the itch, soothe and heal the skin.  Prevents secondary bacterial infections.  Heals the skin.

10-Month Check In

Ladies and Gents…we’ve hit double digits! Henry is 10-months old!

First off, we had a lovely visit from my mom for a few days this week.

I can’t tell you how nice it was to spend time with her, and the weather was absolutely perfect for it, too! Not only was it nice to catch up, but she also provided an extra set of hands for Henry’s photo shoot. It’s basically become a necessity at this point since I would need to possess superhuman powers in order to place him, scoot back, raise the camera, focus, and snap a picture before he’s already traveled halfway across the room. I can’t tell you how many absolutely adorable out of focus pictures I have of him.

If you haven’t gathered from most of my recent posts, this little guy is on the move! Between the help of his walker and his speed crawling, he can cover the length of a room in no time. He is super curious and will open every cabinet, door, bag, zipper…you name it, he’s gotta have his hands on it. He’s a little rebel, too, and loves to be defiant. He understands “no” and the tone coupled with it when saying his name; however, it only functions to slow him down. He’ll stop and sit, look back with a devilish smile, and then carry on in the direction of that particular moment’s dangerous objective. A favorite pastime of his is to charge towards the edge of the bed so you’re forced to pull him back by the legs…over and over and over again.

Besides being a little daredevil, Ryan and I both agree that he is totally weird. He’s got a quirky personality, the funniest facial expressions, and is so amusing to interact with.

Henry loves to laugh and make others laugh, as well, and is all around just the most jovial baby I know. So far, it’s very clear to me that he is his daddy’s “Mini-Me” to the core. I would say these three pictures define my little wild child better than words could:


  • Five are visible; although I can feel a few others starting to press their way through.


  • Still waking up at least once/night, typically more. With the time change, bedtime has also been pushed back to 9/9:30a and we’re usually up for the day, on average, around 7a.

Henry Likes…

  • Pushing anything around…mostly his walker; however, he will push chairs, his highchair, bowls, boxes, etc.
  • Making the elephant sound
  • Walks in the ErgoBaby
  • Being outside
  • Playing with/Eating dirt
  • Strawberries! I can’t cut them fast enough to keep up with him.
  • Giving High Fives
  • Rubbing his head against yours. (Ryan particularly finds this amusing because Henry does it the same way that his horse, Mint, will do to anyone standing near him.)
  • Whipping articles of clothing (socks being his favorite) around when his diaper’s being changed.
  • Eating anything plastic or rubber. I swear, nothing is indestructible for those five teeth. I’ve had to pull more tiny pieces of plastic out of Henry’s mouth this week than I would like to admit.
  • Repeating sounds. Especially while we’re on walks, we’ll go back and forth mimicking each other’s sounds. I’m pretty sure my neighbors think I’m a bit loopy if they’ve ever overheard our “conversations”.

Henry Dislikes…

  • When I’m not within arms reach. Oooh boy, this one is particularly difficult for me. While I love being loved and can’t complain about that, it does make having some alone time very challenging; and also hard for others to fully enjoy him. (Although he was loving his Mimi time this week!!)
  • His Stroller. Dislike might be too strong of a word, but over the winter he has definitely acquired an aversion to staying in his stroller for more than 15-20 minutes. We pretty much have the ErgoBaby on hand anytime we leave the house for situations like this.
  • Having his diaper changed. Henry will get really fussy whenever we have to change his diaper or change his clothes. He’s perfectly fine before and after…just not during. Giving him clothing to whip around as a distraction has been my one saving grace. It works maybe 75% of the time to where I can actually get a diaper on (relatively) straight.

“Be Mine” Workout

While I’ve never gotten caught up in the flowers, etc. of the holiday, I do love the concept of taking a day to express the love you feel for those special to you. While we shouldn’t need a specific day to do this, it is nice to have that reminder to slow down and really think about how we can show our appreciation. I always love the small, thoughtful ideas best; although I’ve never been one to say no to some chocolate! (Well…except this year because of the Challenge.)


In honor of the holiday, I’ve created a Valentine’s-themed workout for you to try! There’s no equipment necessary; however, you can increase the challenge/resistance for many of these exercises by adding dumbbells. It’s completely optional!

Perform each exercise for 30 seconds with 60 seconds of squat jacks between each.

I hope you feel loved today!

Side Plank Hug – set up in a high side plank (on hand) with opposite arm overhead. Take arm and reach “through” space between ribs and floor. Bring arm back to top to complete rep.

“Will you Marry Me” Reverse Lunge – step back into lunge and raise arms extended up above head with a slight back bend. (Optional – hold weight in hands)

Cupid Flutters – lay prone (flat on stomach) with arms and legs fully extended. Keeping your neck in a neutral position, raise arms and legs off ground and quickly move up and down in an alternating flutter (i.e. right arm coincides with left leg).

Heart-Shaped Leg Extension – Starting in a tabletop position, extend leg back keeping hips square. “Draw” a large heart with your extended foot, keeping a static contraction in your glutes (butt). (Tap toe to floor to create heart point, but do not rest between reps.)

Heart crunches – same as butterfly crunches.

Bow & Arrow Push-Ups – start in high plank position. Perform a push-up. As you are raising up, lift one hand off ground, bring it to chest, twist torso and extend above head (into a T-position). Set hand back down, perform push-up and complete same movement with other arm.

The Most Cost-Effective Automobile For 10000-15000 Dollars

When you are searching for a new car that doesn’t eat up a lot of gas and does not cost much to repair, you should look at cars in the $10,000 to $15,000 range. You must select one of these cars if they have four or five doors and it’s also not very large.

Probably you’ll get a car that utilizes gasoline. The engines that work on gas plus that are economical are the Yaris engines from Toyota. But you could also decide on a diesel car as well.

In case you have 8000-10000 Euro, you might find an Opel Astra, Corsa, or even a decent Renault Clio. You can also think about purchasing a second-hand car with 60 000 – 140 000 kilometers.

If you have in excess of 12 000 dollars, you can find Opel Astra, Mazda 6 (a great car with lots of optional features), and some Hyundai Accents. You may even get lucky and discover a Yaris for that price as well. You’ll be able to come across some BMWs, but only older models that will consume quite a substantial amount of gas.

Should your spending plan easily tops $13,000, you can probably look at getting a new car instead of a used one. The Mitsubishi Colt is a wonderful idea, it can be a little deafening inside. And don’t forget, the Colt won’t have a good resale value in spite of its decent quality.

Suzuki Swift is an additional great car, but it is going to be small. The driver’s position has room though the backside seating is tight. The economy design that operates on a 1.25 liter engine is not particularly peppy and not a good deal for a new car.

The Hyundai Accent 1.5 is a automobile that has decent optional functions and good warranty. Any service for this car is considered very good and their warranty covers five years or 100,000 kilometers.

Another solid car will be the Skoda Fabia which includes a rather peppy 68 HP engine. The only draw back could be the service is not considered very good and you may have trouble getting it repaired at your local garage.

The latest Renault Clio using an engine of 1.5 and 65 horse power has enough room for bigger persons. It does not consume much gas at 5.4 liters per 100 km within the city and an even more impressive 3.8 liters on the road. One important thing is definite: if you are looking for very low consumptions, you will need to ignore the high performance cars. However, the majority of automobiles are equipped to get to 120 km/h easily and you won’t leave you feeling that you are soliciting the engine too much. In this case, the consumption will go over 4.l/km, but it will never go more than 7-8.

Web-enabled Programmable Thermostat

One of the largest contributors to any household energy bill is temperature regulation. Large portions of an average household energy bill are spent on heating and cooling the house. However, you can easily save some money by switching your programmable thermostat with a web-enabled programmable thermostat. A web-enabled programmable thermostat is a thermostat that can be linked to the internet enabling you to have access to your thermostat via your computer or web enabled phone.

The main advantage of a web-enabled programmable thermostat is that you have even greater flexibility than ever before. You can now program your thermostat from anywhere in the world as long as you have internet access. An example of this advantage is if you plan on staying late at work. If you have a normal programmable thermostat, the temperature of your home will be adjusted to your normal time of arrival. This will waste energy as you will not be at home till much later. However, if you have a web-enabled programmable thermostat, you can easily log in from your computer at work or your mobile phone and program your thermostat to regulate the temperature of your home at a later time. This will save you valuable dollars and bring down your energy bill. In addition to this, you will not be wasting energy and contributing to global warming.

The web interface of a web-enabled programmable thermostat usually contains three sections. One section is for altering temperature. Another section is to change the settings of your thermostat. The final section is for viewing reports. In the first section you will be able to alter the temperature of your home as well as turn your thermostat on or off. Furthermore you will be able to reprogram your thermostat and check your currents settings. Some web-enabled programmable thermostats have a feature to check the weather at your residence in this section as well. You will also be able to adjust the thermostat for multiple days if you are on vacation. Under the settings section, you will be able to manage your preferences and access your registration details. Some types of web-enabled programmable thermostats have reminders in this section as well. In addition, you will be able to change your preferences in this section. In the reports section, you will be able to visually see how the temperature of your home has been altered over time.

Web-enabled programmable thermostats are extremely handy instruments to have. They will reduce your energy bill and help make the world a greener place.

Cleaning Method of Dental Floss

Cleaning Method

The technique for using dental floss is relatively easy, but the truth is usually required to master a bit of patience. Many people said that the first attempts to generate frustration because they believe that the method is cumbersome or not done properly, but the fact is that after a few days away to observe the despair favorable changes, more agility and reduce time employment a few minutes.

Any questions regarding the procedure shown below can be cleared by your dentist:

– Cut about 50 inches of floss and wind most of one of the middle fingers.
– The rest of the yarn is entangled in the same finger of the opposite hand, so to help support him, and gradually it will entangle and used dental floss.
– Proceed to tighten a piece of floss from 2 to 3 centimeters, using thumbs and index fingers.
– The silk is inserted between the teeth by gentle rocking motion, when it reaches the gumline, the thread-shaped curve “C” against one of the teeth and have to slide smoothly into the space between the gum and tooth until you feel resistance. Read the rest of this entry »

Double Chin Reduction- Learn Your Options

A double chin can be less than flattering on anybody.  Many people who are overweight suffer with this condition.  This is due to the excess fat the builds up under the chin and face.  Some who are not overweight or who have lost a good deal of weight will still have a flap of skin that will appear to be a double chin.  This is sometimes called a turkey neck.  Many people are looking for methods of reducing such chin fat.

If you suffer from any of the above, you may be wondering how you can get rid of the double chin or turkey neck appearance.  There are many methods to do this.  First, there are double chin exercises that can be done that will tighten up the skin and remove the fat from the neck and chin area.  These double chin exercises will take time to show any results.  You may not ever completely lose your double chin or turkey neck.


One sure fire way to get double chin reduction is to have plastic surgery.  This is a simple procedure.  If you have a large build up of fat under your chin, you can have liposuction to remove that fat.  If you have the loose turkey neck appearance, a chin lift will help to remove it.  This is done by pulling the skin tightly under the neck so that there is no skin left hanging.

Another less invasive technique for double chin help is a process that uses ultra sound to get rid of the double chin.  This double chin help does not require surgery and is very safe.  This employs a similar method like the one that is used on women who are pregnant to look at the unborn child.  This does not hurt the mother or the baby so it is perfectly safe to use with double chin reduction.

Know Your Options

It does not matter which method you use to reduce your double chin.  The important thing to know is that you do not have to live with a double chin when there are a variety of methods available.

Salicylic Acid- The Key ingredient In Acne Products

Salicylic acid is a beta hydroxyl acid which is used to treat acnes and also certain other skin conditions such as dandruff. It is obtained from the compound, Salicin which is extracted from the bark of a certain willow tree. Due to its exfoliating property, Salicylic acid is the key ingredient in almost all of the lotions and gels which remove acnes from the skin.

Acnes are caused by clumps of sebum blocking the pores of the skin. By exfoliating the skin, the dead skin cells that block the pores get removed which in effect is the acne getting removed. Acnes also need to be prevented from being formed and salicylic acid performs this function too. It penetrates well into the pores of the skin and cleans them, removing any debris and dead cells that might have accumulated there. Thus no new acnes are formed as long as the pores are clean.

Salicylic acid however has some side effects. It causes itching, and a burning sensation leading to dryness of skin. This has made it be replaced by other better ingredients in the latest acne treatments. Lotions such as Acnepril, ProNexin contain new ingredients which are not only many times stronger than salicylic acid but also do not cause any side effects.

What Are Symptoms Of Kennel Cough?

So you have heard about the dry cough that dogs get and ask yourself, “What are symptoms of kennel cough“?  The bad news is that if and when you see the symptoms associated with this condition, then your loved pet member may have had the condition for about a week.  But the good news is that there is something that you can do about it, and treat and cure the nagging yet nearly fatal illness, if you take immediate action!

Symptoms Include:

  • Sneezing
  • Snorting
  • Dry Cough
  • Callous Cough
  • Runny Nose
  • Discharge In Eyes
  • Rapid Or Hard Breathing
  • Fever

More On Symptoms Of Kennel Cough

The symptoms listed above except the rapid breathing and fever are the very beginning stages of noticeable symptoms.  So the dog contracts kennel cough and will have it 7-10 days before the first signs pop up such as the sneezing, snorting, coughing etc.  At this particular stage (except your dog is a very new pup or have a low immune system) is not in major health trouble and only need and antibiotic or herbal natural remedy and possibly a pain reliever.  But it is advisable by EVERY Vet, that once your dog start breathing harder than usual or rapid breathing and especially get a fever, that you seek medical attention at all costs to protect your pet from going to the next stage which is pneumonia and possibly death, because the virus has infected them so long that their lungs are filled with fluid causing them to not be able to breath in oxygen.

Make sure you keep your pet with a check up to prevent and if they do get kennel cough intervene with a good antibiotic so that you don’t have to rush to pet hospital with a very sickly pet.